S.G.CZ, spol. s r.o. is Czech private limited company founded in 1992 and is contracting and engineering company supplying projects of electrical parts of complete plants.

Kiosk transformer substation

Modernizace rozvoden

The kiosk transformer stations belong to the up-to dated types of transformer stations. Our company targets mainly on supply of concrete kiosk stations which content all needed technology equipment. The transformer stations meet requirements for operational conditions and needed safety, environmental and architectural parameters requirements. Herewith we listed advantages of kiosk stations usage:

  • variability – variety of size ranges, parameters and types, any used technology can be fitted into
  • fast construction
  • low operational cost – maintenance free
  • safety standards – consequences of technology break-ups are absorbed by the kiosk station with no harm danger to the persons within
  • possibility of architecture parameter choice
  • possibility of construction during winter period
  • environmentally friendly

Kiosk stations are suitable for their implementation usage within the distribution network for supplying of production plants, industry zones, residential areas either for power outcome distribution of energy production plants (solar, wind and water power-plants, biogas-plant stations,etc.).

A key-delivery of kiosk concrete stations starts with a design proposal of the suitable type for a project that continues with a design project documentation proceeding and its approval by the Distribution plant representatives, supply plus an operational start and revision work out. A realization of MV ring-main connection including the as-built documentation supply approved by the Distribution plant is within the scope of delivery, if such required by the client.

We have delivered tens of kiosk concrete station to the market during last three years that met required finest criteria that includes also a warranty and after-warranty service that are being served based on separate orders or based on long-term contracts available within 24 hours since the failure report. Nevertheless we also provide preventive inspection works, maintenance or the station monitoring during the operation.

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kioskové trafostanice
kioskové trafostanice
kioskové trafostanice
kioskové trafostanice
kioskové trafostanice
kioskové trafostanice
kioskové trafostanice
kioskové trafostanice
kioskové trafostanice
kioskové trafostanice



Managing Director :
Ing. Vladimír Bursák

Managing Director:
Ing. Vladimír Bursák
Chief Designer:
Ing. Peter Weag
Sales :
Robert Filáček

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